FIX Antenna NET

FIX Antenna NET 2.6

FIX Antenna .NET integrates support of the FIX protocol
2.6 (See all)

FIX Antenna™ .NET has been designed to provide native support of Microsoft .NET technologies enabling quick and easy integration into any custom .NET application. While enabling all the benefits of Microsoft's .NET framework it retains all the benefits of B2BITS class leading FIX engines. The .NET engine delivers performance of over 35,000 messages per second on a single CPU.

The .NET benefits include the ability to manipulate messages with the use of class hierarchies, properties and namespaces, XML based documentation for all messages, and the ability to generate structured messages. FIX Antenna .NET provides an extremely easy way to integrate support of the FIX protocol into any .NET application. It is specifically designed to improve the productivity of .NET programmers even if they are novice FIX users. Furthermore, FIX Antenna .NET comes with a rich UI for monitoring session statuses and parameters in real time.

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